Our Methods

In our prep courses, we cover all of the test content and focus primarily on strategies to beat each section and the test as a whole. We work with students to develop the mindset and skills necessary to excel at standardized testing, which differs from the the types of assessments they've taken at school.


Courses are taught solely by Abby and Brett Larson. Abby specializes in math and science, while Brett specializes in the reading and English sections. Each of us have developed unique strategies for our respective areas of focus. By splitting up the material, we are able to deliver the best instruction for the test as a whole. Our strategies have been designed to be clear, effective, and easy to remember. We also work with students on the global aspects of the test, including pacing, managing test anxiety, and mindset.

Students take a full-length practice test midway through the class and we meet with them individually to discuss progress, goals, and areas for improvement. Courses are small-group (3-5 students).   

Private SAT & ACT Tutoring

In our private sessions, we are able to focus on a student's individual areas of difficulty. Students typically come 2 hours per week (one for verbal, one for math) for a duration of 8-12 weeks. While we cover the same content in our private sessions and prep courses, there are a couple of situations in which we recommend private tutoring:


  • For students scoring below 900 or above 1400 on the SAT (below 17 or above 30 on the ACT)

  • For students with extended time accommodations 

  • For students who have taken one of our prep courses and want to continue improving, we recommend following up with private sessions. This is the most effective combination we've found for the maximum score increase.