Abby & Brett Larson

Hello! I am Abby Larson, native of SW Portland. I began tutoring at an early age, when I would help fellow classmates with math & science. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Oregon State University in 2012, where I studied Biochemistry, Physics and Spanish. During this time I worked as a Science and Math tutor for college students. In 2015, I received my MA from University of Colorado-Boulder, where I taught university courses for 3 years. I received a 4.0 in my Master's program and was accepted to prestigious PhD programs at Penn State, University of New Mexico and University of Florida. However, rather than pursuing a career as a researcher, I found my heart was drawn to being a tutor and a mentor for young adults. I am a lover of learning and I feel that cultivating this love for learning in others is the greatest work I can do.

Since 2010 I've been working in education, with a focus on learning differences. After receiving my MA in Mindfulness Studies in Boulder, I worked as a Literacy Specialist for students with dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning differences. In my test prep work, my goal is to help students understand the patterns of the test and use targeted strategies to attack the various problem types. I also focus with students on developing a positive, growth-oriented mindset and work to minimize anxieties surrounding the test through mindfulness practices. I believe that a relaxed, focus and confident attitude is crucial to beating any test!

Why Choose a Professional Tutor?

  • This is our career. This is not a summer job or a temporary gig on the side. We have the time and focus to be fully dedicated to helping our students achieve their personal and academic goals. 

  •  We have professional experience working as mentors for young adults. We understand the challenges of school and the pressures on students. Being an academic mentor goes beyond teaching the material; therefore, we also work to help students discover their own ability to learn, persevere, and grow. 

  • We create a detailed plan for each student. Lessons are comprehensive, interactive, and fun. We understand that different learners need different modes of teaching; therefore, we tailor our lessons to students' specific needs. We are experienced in teaching for different modes of learning and learning disabilities. 

  • We work with the student and their family. We keep the family informed (via weekly email updates) on their child's goals, progress, and homework, as well as our plan for upcoming lessons.

  • We help prepare students for higher education. In addition to helping students learn specific content, we work with them on strategies for academic success beyond high school. Specific focus is given to study habits, organization, and personal goal setting.